What we offer

    Automobile transportation

    We provide a full range of services for the delivery of all shipments by road on the territory of Russia. We are responsible for the quality of their work. Since loading your cargo is under our complete control throughout en route to its transfer to the recipient.


    Delivery of dangerous freight

    Our company has the experience, technology and trained personnel for the transport of dangerous goods in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations. We provide the transport of dangerous goods by Russia. We produce training, documentation, design conditions and routes.


    Delivery of oversized cargo

    The company "Eurolines" provides services for the transport of oversized cargo in Russia. Cargo transportation may be carried by road, sea and railway transport, as well as through a variety of multi-modal schemes.


    Multimodal transportations

    Charting multimodal transportations - is the work our specialists available. Proper execution of documents and legal support - a guarantee of quality and efficient delivery of goods within a specified time.


    Sea transportations

    The company "Eurolines" works with all sea container lines to the port of St. Petersburg. For our clients, we can offer competitive rates for shipping containers. Depending on the direction of our transportation experts will select the most optimal route and the container line and thus help to reduce transportation costs.


    Train transportation

    The company "Eurolines" is carried out in-Russian rail transport of goods in containers and wagons. We have extensive experience in transportation of oversized cargo. Rail transportation considered to be sufficiently reliable and convenient way to deliver the goods in Russia. Our company has a great experience for a fair presentation of the working methods of the Russian transport companies, customs authorities, especially in connection with the shipment of goods.


    Customs clearance

    The company "Eurolines" offers customs clearance in St. Petersburg in the area of the Baltic and St. Petersburg Customs. Services are carried out in-house and by our partners, we are ready to provide assistance in carrying out customs clearance and other regions Roscii with our partners.


    Forwarding in port

    Qualified specialists of our company will carry out in-port forwarding of cargo in the port of St. Petersburg. Cooperation with the largest cargo terminal of the port of St. Petersburg allows us to quickly and efficiently carry out forwarding and transshipment cargo.


    Cargo insurance

    Cargo insurance is an important operation for cargo. The main purpose - to prevent financial losses as a result of random events. Such events may be damage to the goods (intentional or unintentional), or a full utrata.Zaklyuchit cargo insurance contract can any of the participants in the transport chain: the shipper, consignee, forwarder, carrier.

  • Security forces of valuable freights

  • Refrigerator transportations

    Forwarding company "Eurolines" provides a range of services for the planning and implementation of refrigerated transport, which require special training, and taking into account all the nuances.

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