Delivery of dangerous freight

Our company has necessary experience, equipment and the prepared personnel for implementation of transportations of dangerous freights according to the existing rules and norms. We provide transportation of dangerous cargos over Russia. We make preparation and registration of documentation, we develop the conditions and new routes.

Our experts will also make free calculation of cost and time of transportation, possible additional expenses. If necessary various options of cargo delivery, for the purpose of economy of terms or means can be offered.

Our company guarantees the competent and accurate delivery of dangerous cargo to the consignee in an established time, including preparation of necessary documents and safe transportation of various categories of dangerous cargo.

Delivery of dangerous cargo in specially equipped trucks, unlike transportation by an air, sea or railway, is found to be more economic. The land transport provides exact schedule of delivery, and also possibility of transportation of cargo to the consignee on "door-to-door" basis.

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