Train transportation

The railway transport is having a popularity,bacause it has many possibilities of transportation of various cargoes and it also has a low cost. Among possible options – rail container transportation, delivery of bulk cargoes and so on.

Rail container transportation of cargo

Containers may be shared on 2 types: special and universal, depending on their possibilities and functions. Universal containers are generally intended for small and taro-piece cargoes, special – such as, for example, van-refrigerators – for perishable, liquid, dangerous goods.

Rail container transportation of perishable cargoes

For delivery of such a goods they use special an isothermal rolling stock. In fact, it is the same rail container transportation in which instead of universal special containers are used. There is rather wide choice – van-thermoses, van-refrigerators, special tanks for milk, wine and other liquids. When sending perishable goods it is necessary to consider the maximum term of transportation, but also, weather and a season throughout all transit.

Advantages of railway delivery

  • Unlike trucks, trains practically are never attacked by robbers. Maintenance and protection are cheaper
  • Delivery itself is rather inexpensive
  • It is possible to transport bulky and perishable goods safely
  • Cargo can be of any sizes, it is necessary to pick up only correctly the van (they happen four - eight - multiaxis, to a roof and without roof, and also half-vans).

Rail container transportation of cargoes together with other types of railway deliveries – alternative to sea and air transportation on the continent if there is no need for urgent delivery. It is a favorable and reasonable choice for transportation of the whole list of various cargoes.

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