Refrigerator transportations

Forwarding company "Eurolines" provides a range of services for the planning and implementation of refrigerated transport, which require special training, and taking into account all the nuances.

Refrigerated cargo - a cargo transport which should create and maintain a certain temperature and humidity conditions. For refrigerated cargo loads are: vegetable (flowers, fruits, vegetables); of animal origin (meat, poultry); processing products (cheese, sausage); medicines and chemical products. All these goods have a short shelf life and require for their storage and transportation of compliance with the special temperature and humidity conditions.

There are several types of refrigerators that can create different ranges of temperature conditions. Depending on the type and specificity of cargo, as well as customer requirements and selection of transport route always takes place individually for each case. Refrigerated cargo must be well planned in order to avoid unnecessary downtime and the fastest to deliver the goods in comfort at your destination.

Refrigerated transport can be performed on any form of transport, because the containers - refrigerators are universal for all types of vehicles. Motor transportation of cargo is preferable when the goods to be delivered in the short and medium distances. Road transport has a high delivery rate at relatively high cost. A wide network of highways allows you to choose the best route for the transportation and delivery of the goods to make the principle "from door to door."

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