Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance is an important operation for cargo. The main purpose - to prevent financial losses as a result of random events. Such events may be damage to the goods (intentional or unintentional), or a full utrata.Zaklyuchit cargo insurance contract can any of the participants in the transport chain: the shipper, consignee, forwarder, carrier.

Insurance objects:

Insurance subject to any type of goods that are transported around the world, regardless of the selected method of transportation.

Agreement conditions:

The contract of insurance of goods can be concluded on a single carriage of goods and on several traffic.

Cargo insurance is subject to conditions:

  • With responsibility for all risks
  • With particular average
  • No liability for damages, except in cases of crash

Turning to our experts, you get free:

  • Proposal for cargo insurance from leading insurance companies
  • Selection of the optimal insurance program with a minimal financial cost
  • Support upon the occurrence of insurance claims
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